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Premier numéro de "The Duck" pour l'année scolaire 2010-2011

Publié le 22 Septembre 2011 par mrs.maitre in Club Press

Un grand merci à tous (toutes!) "mes" journalistes pour ce très beau numéro!





Miley Cyrus  

Her name is Miley Cyrus .

She is 18 years old.

She was born on November 23rd 1992.

She was born in Franklin, Tennessee in the USA.

It's an actress and an author-compositer-performer.

Miley Cyrus is not very tall , and not big .


                                      Manon Meunier ♥ 4eme E




Her name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Shewas born on February 18th 1988 in St-Michael. She has got 2 brothers: Rorrey and Rajad Fenty. Rihanna has worked with Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Maroon 5..... She is tall , slim and very beautiful. She is Irish, African and Guyanese. Her nationality is American.

And Rihanna is a popular singer.

Mélissa richol




           Justin   Bieber

His full name is Justin Bieber . He has got short brown hair and brown eyes. He's 16 . He is an only child (fils unique). He's not very tall .He has got a dog whose name is Samy . He's from Canada .His first album is called « Baby », His second album is called « One Time » . He can play the piano and the guitar.


Cassandra.Brossin5emef and Chloé.Peigneau5emeb



Her name is Shakira Isabel Merabak Ripoll. She has got long wavy blond hair. She was born on February 2nd 1977 so she is 33 years old. She was born on Barranquilla in Colombia. Her nationality is Libanese. She is a singer, dancer, story witer, actress, composer and producer. Her type of music is Pop Latino, Pop Rock ,Pop. She sang  “Waka Waka” for the latest football world cup.


                                                                                 5ème B




Her name is Katy Perry . She was born on October 25th 1984 in California. She has got one sister and one brother . her 1st CD KATY HUDSON was out in 2001.Her favourite artist is Gwen Stefanie.

She has got black hair and blue eyes .She is not very tall.


blandine laffeach.                                         



 Lady GAGA


Her name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, her stage* name is Laga Gaga.

She was born on March 28th, in 1986 in New-York. She's an Aries*.She's not very tall and she is thin.  She's got green eyes. She's got long, blond hair.She began to sing at the age of 4. She likes eccentric clothes. She is a writer, author and composer.

*Stage : scene *Aries: Zodiac sign.                                                                                                               







Her full name is Tamara Marthe.S he has got brown hair and brown eyes. She's 25.She was born on November 28th 1985 (Trappes, ile de france, France).She is a singer and a dancer. She is shy and quiet. Her first album is«Histoire de luv'» with K-Maro.Her latest  album is «je suis moi».




Eva Longoria


Her name is Eva Longoria. She plays in the series “Desperate Housewuves” She was born on March 15th 1975. She is Mexican Eva she is married to Tony Parker.  She was born in the USA. Her full name Eva Jaqueline Longoria.  Her stage name Eva Longoria


Léa Désile 4 E




Demi Lovato


Her name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. She's 18 and she was born on August 20th in Dallas, Texas. She has got two sisters.

She has got long wavy brown hair, she's got brown eyes.She's an actress...She plays in Camp Rock and a TV series: Sonny...She sings Can't Back Down and It's On for Camp Rock.


M,Attali 5ème F





New York is a popular city because it's one of the biggest cities in the USA . New York has got a population of  7 million inhabitants.



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