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Christmas in 3ème..

Publié le 15 Décembre 2020 par mrs.mousset in Christmas, 3ème

Christmas in 3ème...

Let's work.. AND have some fun!



1. Look and check you know your vocabulary

Christmas in 3ème..
Christmas in 3ème..
Christmas in 3ème..
Christmas in 3ème..

2. Follow this link and do the first activities, then watch the videos: Christmas in England, and a song from 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

3. Follow this Escape game!


Did you finish it?!

4. Follow my calendar:

5. If you dare, follow this 2nd Escape game

6. Follow this link, do the first activities and watch the videos.

7. Have fun!




Enjoy your holidays!


PS: I love chocolate....

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