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Publié le 10 Septembre 2015 par mrs.mousset in Mes coups de coeur, 3ème

La Reine est devenue le monarque qui a régné le plus longtemps sur le Royaume Uni depuis hier!

Queen Victoria was the British Queen. She ruled for 63 years and 216 days. That is a long time. This was a record.

However, Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter broke the record. She is Queen Elizabeth II. She broke the record today.

People celebrate this event. They make a new coin. The coin is silver. It shows five faces of Queen Elizabeth II. In the first picture, she is young. The last picture is her current face.

People can buy the coin. It costs £20.

Difficult words: was (past of “is”), ruled (past of “rule” – to be the king or queen), current (today; existing now).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Read more: http://www.newsinlevels.com/products/a-royal-record-level-1/#.VfESj_POHiQ.blogger

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